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Tips for Stronger INVEST Proposals

Hello USAID INVEST network members! INVEST was designed to connect USAID with the technical experience it needs, on-demand. We are working to break down barriers between USAID and the right firms for the job.

Co-creation 101

USAID has been exploring the use of co-creation — a participatory approach to problem-solving that brings together people from differing backgrounds and organizations. Co-creation allows USAID to approach a complex problem from new and potentially unseen angles. For example, the INVEST initiative supported USAID in hosting a co-creation centered on increasing women’s economic empowerment through gender lens investing and a co-creation focused on finding blended finance solutions to the problem of land degradation and deforestation in Mexico. Check out this video to hear advice and learnings from the INVEST team on the co-creation process.

FIN Webinar

Thank you for joining the USAID Finance and Investment Network Webinar! We appreciate your participation and engagement with the presentations and the Q&A sessions. We have provided a recording from the webinar here for your reference. We look forward to your participation in the next webinar in Summer 2021.

INVEST Mechanism Close-Up

On their own, international development agencies cannot meet all of their goals for sustainable development. Despite the progress made, fulfilling the Journey to Self-Reliance and the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will require both a better approach to financing and a more effective use of finance. Private sector engagement will increasingly become an essential component of effective development that sets countries on the path to self-sufficiency and creates positive, long-lasting impact on communities.

INVEST on Medium

The initiative often posts on Medium—writing about what drives inclusive growth and sustainable development in emerging markets. Catch up with our latest posts there.

Procurement Resources

INVEST has provided the Request for Proposal and Statement of Objectives for three procurements that were previously released under INVEST.

Sample INVEST RFP Documents

Download the samples.

These documents are intended to give potential offerors an idea of the proposal structure, technical requirements, and evaluation criteria set forth by INVEST for procurements of different types. Please note that these are not live procurements and INVEST is not accepting proposals in response to these procurements.

Terms and Conditions

Download the terms and conditions.

INVEST has provided the Terms and Conditions that are referenced in each Request for Proposal (RFP) so that our partners can have full details on the compliance requirements for subcontracts under INVEST. The attached Terms and Conditions are in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and are subject to change based on U.S. Government regulations.

Data Protection Policy

We recognize the importance of protecting sensitive information and data. This policy outlines how and why we collect, process, and handle investment network partner data.

Core Partners Policy

Please see the INVEST Policy on Role of Core Partners, which describes the role of the three core (or “institutional”) partners on INVEST. These partners were approved and included in the INVEST contract with specific roles for each partner.