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About Procurements

INVEST Partner Network

One of the cornerstones of the INVEST project is to engage organizations that are underutilized in USAID’s work around the world and bring their technical expertise and networks to USAID programs. USAID recognizes that the technical expertise represented by the INVEST Partner Network is critical to the success of long-term and sustainable development programming. The INVEST Partner Network was established to engage these organizations through procurements and knowledge dissemination. The Partner Network has grown from 26 organizations at project launch in September 2017 to more than 200 organizations as of October 2019. USAID and INVEST will continue to grow the network and interact with the member organizations throughout the life of the project.

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the Partner Network is to receive direct notices of INVEST procurements. Almost all INVEST procurement opportunities are released to the entire Partner Network in order to allow for open and fair competition. In rare circumstances, INVEST may decide to selectively release an RFP based on an activity’s specific requirement. INVEST accepts proposals in response to procurement opportunities from organizations that are members of the Partner Network as well as non-members, and members of the network are encouraged to share procurement opportunities and look for partnerships within and outside the Network.

INVEST Procurement Process

INVEST works with USAID to draft a Request for Proposals (RFP) document and an accompanying Statement of Objectives (SOO). These two documents make up an INVEST procurement notice. The RFP lists instructions for submitting a proposal and provides potential offerors with a breakdown of the evaluation criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposals. The SOO provides potential offerors with a background on the technical work, overall objectives for the activity, and specific activities to be performed. Together, these documents give a potential offeror the necessary information to compose a competitive proposal. We urge potential offeror to read these documents carefully, especially regarding the evaluation criteria found in the RFP. Please see Procurement Resources for examples of previous RFP/SOO documents released by INVEST.

Offerors should be aware that when reviewing proposals submitted in response to a procurement, the evaluation committee reviews each proposal against the stated evaluation criteria in the RFP. This process ensures that all offerors have the same information on the evaluation process and criteria, ensuring transparency in the procurement process. To support this process, offerors are encouraged to structure their proposals to clearly address the evaluation criteria stated in the RFP.

Typical INVEST procurements require that proposals be submitted in 3-4 weeks, which can be a rapid turnaround time. The INVEST team is committed to providing a forecast of potential RFPs on this website. The forecast will give organizations advance notice of procurement opportunities so they can organize their resources to prepare to submit a proposal for a particular RFP. The rapid turnaround time for proposals is meant to enable INVEST to rapidly procure services and speed up the procurement process. In that vein, proposals are generally designed to be a 5-10 slide PowerPoint, which lessens burden on organizations.

Helpful Tips

For more information on writing an INVEST proposal, please reference these tips.

INVEST is a USAID-funded project and therefore follows all procurement guidelines as set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. All procurements are conducted in a fair and transparent manner in order to ensure that USAID is benefiting from the best that the market has to offer. INVEST is able to procure goods and services from all countries, only excluding those that are restricted to the whole of the US government