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Live Procurements

The procurements listed below are currently live and in the procurement phase. Offerors are invited to review the Request for Proposal (RFP) and Statement of Objectives (SOO) documents to fully understand the technical scope of work, evaluation criteria, and instructions for format and submission of proposals.

Please note that offerors are not required to be members of the USAID Finance and Investment Network to submit a proposal in response to RFPs.

Number Name Due Date
RFP INVEST-089 (RFP/SOO/Q&A) VCCI PPP Website Improvements, Establishment of Virtual PPP Help Desk and Online Training Course 08/12/2021
RFP INVEST-090 (RFP/SOO/Q&A) VCCI Online and In-Person PPP Infrastructure Bootcamp Training Program Design and Delivery 08/12/2021
RFP INVEST-091 (RFP/SOO) Prosper Africa Executive Secretariat (PAES) Website Strategy & Design 08/09/2021
RFP INVEST-092 (RFP/SOO) Roadmap Development and Technical Assistance for Financially Sustainable Primary Healthcare Services 09/03/2021