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Procurement Forecast

INVEST is actively planning the following procurements, estimated to be released to the INVEST Partner Network within the next six months. Please note that these are anticipated procurements, and all information presented below is subject to change or cancelation as INVEST’s procurement strategy evolves. Recognizing that opportunities sometimes arise with very little advance notice, INVEST may at times release procurements that were not included in the forecast. Please be sure to monitor messages from as all procurements will be released via that email address.

Title Description Country Timing Budget
Feasibility Studies for Port Modernization Projects This activity will conduct financial and economic feasibility studies for barge scheduled service and financial and economic studies for specialized barge terminal at Cai Mep. Vietnam Oct. 2021 01 $400,000
EOI to identify Vietnamese FIs for MPL Services This activity calls for EOIs to identify other financial institutions/banks in Vietnam that would be interested in receiving support to enhance their MPL offerings. Vietnam Sep. 2021 01 TBD
Regulatory Business Enabling Framework & Pipeline Development for USAID/ESC This activity will support the development of a transparent regulatory framework for good governance and facilitate transaction advisory services in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean. This activity will work in partnership with the OECS to support its entrepreneurial incubation platform, including support for women’s economic empowerment and agriculture. It also will provide deal vetting and transaction advisory services for the CDF, with an emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities. Eastern and Southern Caribbean Sep. 2021 01 TBD

Please note that procurement opportunities will not be posted on this website. All procurements will be released by email from If you would like to be added to the INVEST Partner Network to receive notices of new procurement opportunities, please send an email to