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Procurement Forecast

INVEST is actively planning the following procurements, estimated to be released to the INVEST Partner Network within the next six months. Please note that these are anticipated procurements, and all information presented below is subject to change or cancelation as INVEST’s procurement strategy evolves. Recognizing that opportunities sometimes arise with very little advance notice, INVEST may at times release procurements that were not included in the forecast. Please be sure to monitor messages from as all procurements will be released via that email address.

Title Description Country Timing Budget
Self-Reliance Financing for Faith-Based Hospitals in Tanzania INVEST is supporting the USAID/Tanzania Mission in creating a pathway to a self-reliant, market oriented CSSC hospital network. INVEST has conducted a rapid analysis to validate the interventions identified in a previous USAID-funded exercise and has proposed solutions for intervention design. This procurement will seek a firm, or combination of firms to design the solution(s) per validated intervention. Tanzania Oct. 2020 01 $450,000
Scoping Digital Markets Investments towards Bolstering Individual Rights This activity will support the creation of a set of best practices, practical guidance, shared strategies, and/or formal codes of conduct for digital ecosystem actors (e.g., start-up companies; providers of digital infrastructure, platforms, services; or civil society groups working on digital rights) for protecting individual rights while successfully growing private markets. The products of this activity will support the development of successful business models and strategic investment guidance for investor that strengthen developing countries' digital ecosystems by promoting synergies or striking a balance between inclusive private sector growth and the integrity of individual rights. TBD Sep. 2020 01 $350,000-$450,000
W-GDP Grand Challenge: Women Enabled in the Economy This activity will support round one of the W-GDP Grand Challenge: Women Enabled in the Economy, which seeks to address the problem of women’s access to commercial finance that is often restricted by barriers in laws, regulations, policies, and practices. The INVEST Partner(s), leveraging their technical expertise and professional networks, will use the “Whole System in a Room” (WSR) approach in TBD countries in Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean to form a steering committee, collectively identify and engage diverse stakeholders, and convene at least one virtual workshop in which participants collaboratively identify, analyze, and prioritize the implementation of viable reforms to be captured in one or multiple Action Plans. TBD Sep. 2020 01 $100,000-$200,000

Please note that procurement opportunities will not be posted on this website. All procurements will be released by email from If you would like to be added to the INVEST Partner Network to receive notices of new procurement opportunities, please send an email to